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UEFA EURO 2020 - COMING IN 2021.

Hampden Park is a host venue of four matches as part of the UEFA European Championship, taking place in summer 2021. Sign up below to receive updates from Hampden Park on this.

EURO 2020 Flyer

The build for UEFA EURO 2020 matches at Hampden Park will commence from 29th March 2021 with some activity on the campus of the stadium, as well as the construction of a security perimeter around the venue. Works on the fence will commence on Tuesday 1st June 2021. The security perimeter will be constructed in such a fashion as to try and minimise impacts to residents and businesses. Once this the fence line location is confirmed, we will be in contact. The impact of the matches is currently unknown as we are unsure if spectators will be attending or not. Once we have more information on the impact of the activity across the Hampden Park campus, we will notify you by email.

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We will be sharing information to the Mount Florida Community Council and via their Facebook page, so please check here for updates also and follow the Glasgow EURO 2020 social channels.


Facebook: Glasgow UEFA EURO 2020

Instagram: Glasgow UEFA EURO 2020 (@glasgoweuro2020)


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Glasgow City Council operates permit parking controls in streets near to Hampden Stadium which come into force during major events.

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