Concert Ground Regulations

Concert Ground Regulations


  1. AN EVENT cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Stadium ("Stadium/Event Organiser") at the Promoter concerned ("the Event") or event in the stadium to which these Regulations apply ("the Ground") reserves the right to change its advertised events without prior notice and without liability.


  1. All TICKETS for the Event ("Tickets") sold/issued ("Allotted") by or on behalf of the Event Organiser are issued on the express conditions that no Ticket holder shall sell or transfer same for a higher price than appears on the face of the Ticket. In the event of any breach of this regulation, the Stadium and Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel each Ticket concerned and to retain any money paid on


  1. All persons entering the Ground must pay for admission or otherwise hold a genuine TICKET or other permission from the Event Organiser which was validly issued.


  1. Unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter the pitch, trackside (if they sold a seated ticket) or any place which is not a spectator area. Such incursions will be treated with utmost seriousness and will be liable to arrest and criminal proceedings as well as to disciplinary sanctions by the Stadium or Event Organiser which may lead to long term  exclusion from the


  1. Only persons specifically authorised in writing by the Stadium and Event Organiser are permitted to offer Merchandise, Newspapers, Periodicals or any other ARTICLES FOR SALE in the Ground and any charitable collection will only be permitted within the ground with the prior written consent of the Stadium and Event Organiser.


  1. Unnecessary NOISE such as from the use of radio sets and behaviour likely, in the opinion of the Stadium and Event Organiser to cause confusion, annoyance, fear, upset or nuisance of any kind is not permitted in any part of the


  1. The use of disorderly, violent and/or threatening behaviour and/or the use of foul and/or abusive language, racial, sectarian, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, singing and/or chanting of any kind and damage to property is all strictly forbidden, is UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT and each and all of same and if constituting a criminal act and/or acts may result in arrest and/or prosecution and/or in conduct which does not constitute a criminal act and/or in the case of a criminal act, a 'ban' from the Ground, events, the confiscation of any Ticket purchased or held and/or any other sanction as may be determined by the Stadium and Event Organiser and/or in the case of a failure to comply with and/or a breach of The Ground Regulations.


  1. The following articles MUST NOT BE BROUGHT INTO THE GROUND


  • prohibited weapons,
  • knives,
  • fireworks,
  • smoke
  • canisters,
  • air-horns,
  • flares,
  • weapons,
  • dangerous or hazardous items,
  • laser devices,
  • bottles,
  • glass vessels,
  • cans,
  • poles,
  • umbrellas
  • and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety.

It is an offence punishable by law and Unacceptable Conduct for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground whilst in possession of any article which is a firework or any article or substance whose purpose or any part of its purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke and/or gas and any person in possession of such articles will be refused entry to the Ground and if having entered, to expulsion from the ground and such other sanction as may be determined by the Stadium and Event Organiser and reported to the Police.


  1. It is a criminal offence and UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground:

1 whilst in possession of a container or any other item which is or was capable of holding liquid or any other thing and which, if thrown, would be capable of causing injury to another person;

              2 whilst in possession of alcohol; and/or

              3 whilst drunk.


  1. Any person entering the ground may, at the sole discretion of the Stadium and Event Organiser be SEARCHED and is deemed to have consented to be so searched, for any item or Material the possession or use of which may result in and/or cause or contribute to Unacceptable Conduct.


  1. STANDING IS FORBIDDEN in seated spectator viewing


  1. BANNERS and/or other articles which could, or might be used as a weapon, or cause annoyance or unnecessary obstruction or offence and/or which may cause or contribute to Unacceptable Conduct are not permitted within the


  1. Under no circumstances is it permitted to THROW or otherwise cause any objects or Materials to enter on to the stage, pitch, pitch surroundings and track.


  1. At all times, the RIGHT OF ADMISSION is reserved to and by the Stadium and Event Organiser and no transfers within the Ground are Spectators found in an area for which they do not have a valid Ticket may be ejected.


  1. MOBILE TELEPHONES, SMARTPHONES and other similar mobile telephonic devices ("Mobile Devices"), excluding cameras which are not part of and subsidiary to a Mobile Device, are permitted within the Ground, PROVIDED THAT, (i) they are used for personal and private use only, which, and by way of example only, shall not include the capturing, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing, or any other communication of any material ("Capturing), for any commercial purpose; and (ii) no material that is Captured by a Mobile Device or other device may be published, communicated, transmitted, sent, broadcast and/or otherwise made available by any means to any third party including, without limitation, social networking sites or any other means of communication and/or


  1. NO PERSON (other than a person who holds an appropriate licence) MAY RECORD, TRANSMIT, PLAY, ISSUE, CAPTURE, LOG, BROADCAST, SHOW OR OTHERWISE COMMUNICATE ANY MATERIAL including and/or comprising any audio, visual or audio-visual Material or any information or data, by digital or other means, in relation to an event taking place in the Ground, nor may they bring into the Ground or use within the Ground (or provide to, facilitate or otherwise assist another person to use within the Ground) any equipment or technology which is capable of capturing, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing or otherwise communicating (by digital or other means) any such Material as described above. Any person failing to comply with these restrictions is deemed to be liable to have such equipment, technology and Material in whatever form, confiscated without compensation by the Stadium/Event Organiser. Copyright, Database Rights and any other intellectual property rights in any such unauthorised recording or transmission is assigned (by way of present assignation or assignations of future rights) to the relevant event promoter.


  1. The Stadium/Event Organiser reserves the right: (i) for its employees, agents, security staff and contractors to REMOVE FROM THE GROUND; and (ii) IMPOSE SANCTIONS as regards future entry to the Ground on, any person who does not comply with these Regulations




  1. CCTV cameras will be in use in and around the Ground and recordings of images, both moving and still, from such CCTV cameras and any other cameras in or on the Ground may be used in any proceedings and/or for any purposes relating to the management and/or control of the Ground by the Stadium or Event Organise and the By entering the Ground you are deemed to have consented to the use of such images from such CCTV systems and cameras and for such images to be shared with and/or used by the Stadium/Event Organiser.




In each regulation text appears in capitals and/or in bold; this is an indication of the subject of the regulation and does not imply any modification of the meaning or significance of the relevant text in its context.