Sodexo Limited Complaints Policy


1. Aims

1.1 This complaints policy intends to:

1.1.1 quickly, confidentially and effectively deal with all customer complaints made against Sodexo Limited, Heritage Portfolio Limited or Centerplate UK Limited (as applicable) (for the purposes of this complaints policy together defined as “Sodexo”); and
1.1.2 identify our shortcomings so that we can provide a better service to you.

1.2 Sodexo will keep a log of all Complaints (as defined below) made for 2 years after they are closed.

2. What is a complaint?

2.1 A complaint is a formal expression of discontent made by a customer regarding any matter for which Sodexo is answerable and is capable of addressing ("Complaint").

3. Who can make a complaint?

3.1 The following list is not exhaustive and is intended as guidance:

3.1.1 anyone who believes they have received a sub-par level of service from Sodexo;
3.1.2 anyone who believes their health, safety or well-being was put at risk on Sodexo property or at an event provided or facilitated (entirely or in part) by Sodexo;
3.1.3 anyone who has seen something happen on Sodexo property or at an event provided or facilitated (entirely or in part) by Sodexo which they believe warrants raising to Sodexo;
3.1.4 any employee, agent, or representative of Sodexo who is dissatisfied with any aspect of their relationship with Sodexo;
3.1.5 any person who believes or suspects that illegal or dishonest practices are being encouraged, or in any way facilitated (directly, indirectly or implicitly) by Sodexo.

4. How to make a complaint?

4.1 Complaints should be directed to Erin Culley, who is our complaints manager ("Complaints Manager"), either:

4.1.1 by email to [email protected];

4.1.2 by post to One Southampton Row, London WC1B 5HA;
4.1.3 by telephone at 0330 1233855.

4.2 When making a complaint, please specify:

4.2.1 details of the complaint including when, where, how and why it happened; and
4.2.2 what you are seeking in terms of an amicable resolution.

5. Complaints procedure

5.1 The complaints procedure ("Complaints Procedure") is as follows:

5.1.1 The complainant makes their complaint in accordance with Clause 4 (How to make a complaint) above.
5.1.2 The Complaints Manager will acknowledge receipt of the Complaint within fourteen (14) Business Days.
5.1.3 The Complaints Manager will determine whether the Complaint falls within the definition of a complaint in accordance with Clause 2 (What is a complaint?) above, seeking clarification and further details from you as necessary. If the Complaints Manager deems that the Complaint can be best dealt with elsewhere (e.g. with the local police department or another service provider), they will direct you accordingly.
5.1.4 Having established that the Complaint falls within the confines of this Complaints Procedure, the Complaints Manager will direct you on how the Complaint will be handled. This may involve directing you to a more appropriate Sodexo employee, official, board member or representative, who will consider the Complaint and respond.
5.1.5 Where the issues highlighted by the Complaint are more nuanced, the Complaints Manager may commence an investigation (or appoint a more appropriate and/or impartial Sodexo employee, official, board member or representative ("Appointed Investigator") to do so) ("Investigation").
5.1.6 The Investigation will involve the gathering of: A written statement from the complainant; A written statement from any witnesses or relevant third parties; and/or Any other relevant documentary evidence,
("Documentary Evidence")

5.1.7 Using the Documentary Evidence, the Complaints Manager or Appointed Investigator will prepare a written report detailing (i) the evidence gathered, (ii) the findings of the report, (iii) the outcome of the Investigation and (iv) Sodexo's response to the Complaint (the "Report")
5.1.8 The Complaints Manager or Appointed Investigator will then action Sodexo's response highlighted in the Report (the "Outcome").
5.1.9 In circumstances where a Report is necessary, Sodexo aims to provide the Report to the complainant within two months of their initial Complaint and action the Outcome promptly thereafter.

6. Your rights

6.1 This complaints policy does not preclude any complainant from exercising their statutory or contractual rights.